• Francesca Tassistro
    Senior Director | Experience Design Global Lead at Avanade

    "Noman was one of the brightest members of our Experience Design Global team. He is interested in learning about all facets of design work, from the finer points of craft to the methods for demonstrating the business impact of our work as designers. Additionally, he possesses a unique trait that is hard to find: he strives to put everything he knows to benefit all of his colleagues around the world. Having him as a member of our Global Experience Design Talent Community has improved us all!"

  • Robert Cooney
    Director, Digital Media at DAC Group

    "Noman's love of his field comes through in all of his work. He is not just an exceptionally thoughtful and talented UX architect, but someone who brings a spirit of enthusiasm and positivity to every project he's involved in. I've never met a colleague who better understands the adage that "everyone is your customer." Noman is relentlessly focused on how he can help, how he can improve something, how he can deliver service, how he can make life easier for end users, agency clients, and everyone else on his team."

  • Clare Foster
    Director, Content Strategy at DAC Group

    "Noman’s knowledge, passion for his work and infectious personality make working with him an absolute pleasure. Not only did Noman help us establish and scale our UX discipline but he was constantly bringing fresh new ways of thinking about UX to the table and for that, I thank him. Noman is a rare find in a sea of phony “UX experts.” I hope our paths will cross in the future!"

  • Shelagh O'Donnell
    Head of Public Relations & Communications, ROM

    "I worked directly with Noman on a number of high profile projects at the Royal Ontario Museum, in particular websites and the reception area LCD screens. I was consistently impressed with his innovative approaches to problem solving, always finding an effective solution for the client even under the most challenging circumstances. Noman's keen technical knowledge combined with his design skills are a boon to any project. He's a true team player who goes the extra mile to ensure success."

  • Seth Corriveau, Associate Director, Technology Services
    SickKids Foundation

    "Noman always brought new insight to donor engagement via the Digital medium at the SickKids Foundation. His UX & Web skillset were the translation point between the business and I.T., providing a finite result of increased funds to aid the Kids. A very valuable asset to any organization."

  • Sarah DeCaria
    Lead UX instructor, at RED Academy

    "Noman is a fantastic addition to the teaching staff at RED Academy. He is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the UX process and the students benefit greatly from it. Noman consistently goes out of his way to ensure that the material being covered is understood by everyone in the class. Overall, great instructor and coworker."

  • Lauren Clegg, Media Relations at Ryerson University
    (former Bilingual Publicist, ROM)

    "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Noman on a number of projects over the last few years. He’s a dedicated, creative professional who gives 100 per cent to every aspect of a job. He’s also a positive, dynamic person who makes collaboration easy and projects enjoyable. I recommend him very highly."

  • Salman Khan
    Official Community Partner, South Asian Heritage Day, ROM

    "We would like to recognize Mr. Noman Siddiqui of Nomans Land Creative and Nomans Land Promotions for his great support during the 1st Annual South Asian Heritage Day at the ROM: "RUNG". As our Community Partner and integral part of our team, Noman helped in crating the event website, promoting the event to a large audience and provided key inputs in technical and strategic matters. The event was a big success and turned out to be one of the highest attended events at the ROM in 2013! and therefore it will be a two-day event from 2014 onwards! We appreciate Noman's help very much and look forward to his continued support in the years to come!"

  • Misbah Khan
    MD, FAAD, MK Dermatology

    "If you're a business owner you obviously know how important a website is. It can make or break your business. I am a small business owner and I was very unhappy wit the website I used to have. I had gone through 3 web designers and I fired them all. I didn't like the website they designed, and not only I was losing business because of that, I was misrepresenting myself in the medical community as well. Not anymore! I found Noman and he worked with me every step of the way. Noman understands exactly what kind of a web design will represent your particular brand. He will work tirelessly on your project and not finish until it is finished to its utmost level of perfection and your satisfaction. His works speaks for itself. It is Fabulous!"

  • Nick Kenyeres, Digital Lifestyle Coach & Author
    George Brown College

    "Noman did a presentation for me on UI, UX and Web Design in my eBusiness class (at George Brown College) and did a phenomenal job. He provided my class of entrepreneurs with lots of valuable information and tips which are sure to help them get their websites up and running."

  • Angeline Pompei
    Marketing Director, Bellair Laser Clinics

    "Bellair Laser Clinic highly recommends Nomans Land for any service relating to graphics and web design. Noman's creativity and deligence are second to none. We are very satisfied with the work he has done for us and will continue to use his services regularly. His knowledge coupled with their positive disposition are assets that have served us well in working with him. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative."

  • Syerah Virani
    CEO and Editor-in-Chief, MyBindi.com

    "MyBindi's first encounter with Noman was when he organized the "Indian Ocean" rock band's performance tour in Toronto. From that first concert to many others that followed. Noman brought to life his great passion for music, his amazing creative talents as a designer and his attention to detail as an organizer. Add to all that his soft spoken manner and most charming disposition and you have an individual that is a rare combination of creative genius and humility who is an absolute pleasure to work with."

  • Ryan Farrell
    former Marketing Intern, ROM

    "Noman is a true talent with Adobe! Under his mentorship at the ROM I learned a lot of portable and highly valuable skills which have served me well in my subsequent undertakings. He genuinely appreciates the importance of providing good management and is an investor in people!"


    "I have recently had the absolute pleasure to work with Noman of Nomans Land. I have worked with many other designers in the past, but have never worked with someone whose vision and creativity can turn your business into a brand. There is no such thing as "okay" with Noman, it is positively nothing less than perfection with his work. This is what make Noman stand out from anyone else. If you would like to take your business to the next level, leave it to Noman, it's that simple."

  • Martha Henderson
    Principal Consultant at Henderson Consulting

    "Noman was a wonderful support through all of our projects at the ROM. His contribution to the South Asian Heritage Day website and collateral materials were amazing. His contribution definitely helped promote ticket sales and generating great buzz for the event. I highly recommend Noman and would hire him again and again!